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Life is about trying to be the best we can be, doing our best to achieve our dreams and helping others do the same.   People can make all the difference in the world in our “reach for more”.  We can learn so much

from each other.


With that said…

Sometimes we have something come upon us, and it gives us a opportunity to be a better person or shine a light on the best in who we already are.

This post is about someone who saw a situation in front of him and didn’t let it just pass him by, but decided to do something about it, then took action.

Officer Lawrence Deprimo.

Officer Deprimo is a Police Officer in the New York Police Department.  One night he was on duty working a counterterrorism post when he came upon an older man who was bare footed.  He disappeared for a few seconds and when he came back to where the older man was he had with him a new pair of boots for him.  Then he knelt down to help the man put them on.

There was a tourist from Arizona who happened to see that moment and took this amazing, and moving picture.



After  Jennifer Forster,  the tourist, took this picture she posted it to the Official New York Police Dept Facebook page.  It made Officer Deprimo an instant hero and celebrity.

On Facebook 1.6 million views of this picture have been noted nearly 275,000 “likes” and 16,000 comments have made this one-act of kindness and Officer Deprimo an Internet hero overnight.

Officer Deprimo said,

“It was freezing out and you could see the blisters on the man’s feet.”   I had two pairs of socks on and I was still cold.” 


He talked to the man and found out his shoe size was 12.  Officer Deprimo then went into a Sketcher’s shoe store and bought the boots.  Officer Deprimo never did get the name of the gentlemen he helped.   He said of him,

“He was he most polite gentlemen I had met.” 

He also said that the gentleman “lit up”,  at the sight of the gift.   He wanted to buy him a cup of coffee as well, but  Officer Deprimo said   “As soon as the boots were on, him, he went on his way, and I just went back to my post.”



Why This Story Is Important

This story didn’t touch everyone who heard it or read about it because it was the “holiday season“.    It resonated with so many because what Officer Deprimo did was not something you see people do everyday.  It resonated with so many because it touched a cord,

it touched our hearts.

So why, why don’t  see this kind of kindness more often?    Shouldn’t we ALL try to be as open and aware of our surroundings as Officer Deprimo was that night?    His one-act of kindness that was so simple, spread like wild-fire and touched so many that I’m writing about it, you’re reading about it and we are ALL learning from it.

Learning maybe we could be a little more open to seeing people and being more aware to the situations in front of us and around us that maybe, due to our own concerns of the day and our busy lives and our thoughts,  we look past  things, or maybe hurry by them,  instead of really LOOKING AT  them, people and situations that may need us to act.     It’s only human to get caught up in our own lives and caught up in the everyday rush.

But this is when I try to remember to ask myself.

“Aren’t we meant to reach for more?  Aren’t we all meant to… BE more?”. 

I think we are.   Hey, I know we are.  

So do you.

Whatever you are doing, stop.   Ask yourself this…..Would you have seen the opportunity in front of you the way officer Deprimo did that night and act upon it?  If the answer is yes,  then you are most likely doing pretty well out there, but if the answer might be no.  Ask yourself….. why?.  

Do you usually see or notice the world around you, or are you usually just hurrying, rushing through your day and basically just trying to get to the next task.



What We All Need To Realize

Next time you feel yourself hurrying through your day or rushing through to the next thing on that “To Do List” we all have….. stop.    Take a couple of minutes to just really stop, and look around you.   Whether you are at home or in the middle of “downtown wherever you live”.   Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let it out then open your eyes and look around you.  

Just take time….. to notice life.

It happens 24/7 no matter what our schedules are and  it keeps moving.  Life doesn’t wait for us to finally take notice of it.   Next time you feel yourself rushing,  take a look around you and maybe just like Officer DePrimo,   you might find that right in front of you is an opportunity for you to be that better heart, soul, person, that person we are all meant… to try to be.

But most of all, we might find we have that golden chance, that blessing,  to positively affect or change the life of another.

I think we are given those opportunities everyday in big and small ways.   But sometimes we need to pay close attention because they don’t all come in ways that are so obvious, making it hard to recognize them at times. .  Sometimes they come in whispers. Those  are the opportunities that are to often, missed and over looked.

We need to take that moment more often.   Listen to those around us.  Our Family and friends,  listen to what they are really saying and pay more attention to what’s going on.    Maybe Officer Deprimo has very good listening skills and he’s very alert and aware being a New York City Police Officer.

Or maybe Officer Deprimo was just paying attention and listening that night to his what his heart was telling him.

I think there are people all over each day that do things just like this but we just don’t hear about them.  People who are really good at seeing situations and act on them.  To all of you,

Keep up the good work! ………….. And “thank you.”

To Officer Deprimo, Thank you sir for reminding us all of what kindness and compassion is.  No matter who we are,  a little reminder is only a good thing.  

You know, WE CAN change the world.


One Act Of Random Kindness At A Time.  🙂



Story credits to The New York Times and J. David Goodman


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