3 Reasons You Should Join Twitter.. Now!!

New blog twitter



Hi my name is Colleen Kelly :) Your resident blogger on "Reach For More."

Hi my name is Colleen Kelly 🙂 Your resident blogger on “Reach For More.”

Do you “Tweet?”


No, not “Tweety”  ……

I’m asking if you ……… “Tweet”



Twitter bird

As in this little guy over there.  You know… “Tweet”

<<<<< here…… as in …Twitter



None of my immediate friends use Twitter. (I really can’t believe that!!.) I even took a little poll on my Facebook page before I wrote this post to see who might have started or possibly, might explain why they don’t use it.

One said they thought they would be “bored” and another said they were lucky they could get on the internet at all because they aren’t really “a computer person.”

I could be all technical about this, but I thought the best way to sell you on Twitter would be what I have gotten since I started using it!.    That’s really what will convince you, and heck, I’m not good at being technical. 🙂


Connecting With Friends




I started using Facebook because I wanted to be able to talk with someone more. To keep in better touch with them.  My friend got me into Twitter… and Facebook actually!.  My friend, brought me so many new things, I’ve lost count . 🙂

Yes, he has been a huge influence on me.

A very positive one!!.


Making New Friends

Following my friend to Twitter, I have made SO many new friends!.   They too, have inspired me, helped me with my blog, everyday stuff, cheered me up, and made me laugh. I continue to learn so much from them all everyday!. 


Motivation and Inspiration

I have always loved a good quote.  I have found more amazing quotes on Twitter than I can honestly count.  I “favorite” and save all the exceptionally memorable ones.  I have so many I have begun to copy them all down on my PC.  Some days, a good quote can make your day, turn it around or possibly even keep you going.  I have even had Facebook friends ask where I get all the great quotes!.

For my blog, and for me personally, so many Twitter quote accounts, are amazing for finding motivation and inspiration.


If You Have A Blog

Twitter has been an amazing tool in learning “how” to blog and how to get my blog out there into the world!. I have learned all about blogging from a handful of people I have come to respect and admire.  Watching them, how they talk to their readers, how they treat them, seeing what people are interested in reading has been a great help to me.  Seeing So MANY bloggers on Twitter I have learned so much.

(I am planning on writing a post of all the great bloggers I have met through Twitter and respect as blogger and people.)



The Wrap Up

The point is not what it has brought to me, but what it will bring to you.  These are just a few reasons I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, ADORE.. Twitter.

Twitter has been a blessing and gift to me…   You’ll have your own reasons you love Twitter!

It can bring you totally different things than it has brought me, but they will be just as meaningful to you, as mine are to me!.

Why not try it out?  Trust me, knowing what I have received and continue to each day from Twitter……….my best advice to those who don’t “Tweet” , is …

Get Involved!      

Try Twitter!

It could be one of the smartest things you’ll ever do, and you might like me, receive

so much more than you ever thought!.



So, what do you think ?  do you already use Twitter?  What do you think about it ?  What would you change about it ?  leave a comment below and share your thoughts with everyone!.

Thanks for reading the blog and coming!  I appreciate so much you taking the time.  Life moves fast and everyone is busy.  You coming by means a lot. Thanks!



I am recommending DanGheesling’s  website and blog because I respect and admire him so much.

 Dan Gheesling.

Dan Gheesling.



He is the one who inspired me to start my first blog, and this one!.  He is a High School Football Coach ,Teacher, Author, Motivational Speaker, Reality tv winner, (two times that is) and has also started coaching people to reach their goals!  Check out Dan’s site and his blog on his site.  You will understand why I respect him so much. www.DanGheesling.com



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Have a great week guys!


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Should Join Twitter.. Now!!

  1. Hey Colleen,

    I’ve had to explain the benefits of Twitter to a lot of my blogging friends because they too just did not “get it”. I had one of those friends write a post about it this week actually explaining the benefits and how it can help your reach.

    Now I’m sure that if you’re not heavily into blogging you might not exactly see the benefits of it but my nieces and nephews are on it connecting with their friends too so it’s for everyone.

    Glad you love it too and for my blog, it’s my #1 referral traffic source so you can imagine why I love it too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


    • Hey Adrienne!,

      I Do have to do more of the stuff you suggested!. I have started visiting more blogs. This I thuoght was a biggie for me. But I have started that. My friends, I don’t know Adrienne. Who knows LOL I think they read it from time to time. I always ask them to let me know what they think!. I alwso started tweeting it more. That has brought some news followers and I did get a few RT’s! That was exciting!. I LOVE it so much so I will keep plugging and doing even more! This girl doesn’t give up 😉 Thanks! for coming I SO appreciate it!! :))

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