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Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your blogger :) Welcome!

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your blogger 🙂 Welcome!



“The person you put out there everyday effects everyone around you.”





I know that’s an obvious statement.  But I don’t think we are usually thinking about  that fact….when all we can think about…. is what is upsetting us.

For instance:

You’re feeling pretty good, you go out and spend time hanging out with a friend.  You spend a couple of hours or so with them and then you go home feeling crappy, but for the life of you,

you can’t figure out exactly why.

A possible reason:  That friend you spent time with was in a bad mood or maybe was upset about something while you were with them or maybe didn’t have many positive things to say……. about anything.

Am I right?

As you can see; how we are feeling can affect others in a not so obvious and as in THIS GUY, A VERY obvious way...

As you can see; how we are feeling can affect others in a not so obvious and as in THIS GUY, A VERY obvious way…


Mom Was Wrong !?.  I’m Not… Perfect !? 🙂



One day, I caught myself feeling and acting frustrated.  My Dad called me into the room to ask me a question.  I answered him. On my way out of the room I realized…….I was short with him.  😦

What did he do ?

Answer:  Nothing at all.

It was me.

I try really hard not to do that, you know, when something is bothering me, realize I’m in a bad mood and stop myself from taking it out on others.

I’m actually pretty good at it.

When I took care of my Mom, there were a few times in those ten years I was really worried or scared.   I NEVER ONCE let her see that though.  I got really good of being scared and smiling through it, or making a joke to cover it.

For instance, the power goes out……..Not a big deal… right?  

Not in the average situation, no.

But  when the power goes out in a situation as we had,  and your Mom is in a hospital bed, with oxygen, and 5 other pieces of equipment that all run on electricity, that moment when you know your best friend and your Mom,  is NOT getting any more oxygen… is something I can’t quite explain.

To say it can be frightening and scary ……..is an understatement. 

So I became THE champ, at putting on a good face and making a joke with her about the power going out.  Seeing her smiling back, or laughing at me , or like my Mom, God love her, rolling her eyes at my running around as to say  ” Coll, relax babe”,  while I was in warp speed recovery mode, smiling, kidding with her,  all the time making light of the entire thing….. was everything.

She saw ME calm…….. so SHE was calm.

I’m proud that I never let her see any of my fear and kept her from being afraid.   That was all that mattered. 

But on this day , with my Dad,  It slipped out.

I felt bad….. and even more frustrated!.  Because now, on top of feeling crappy and frustrated about what was bothering me,  I now felt crappy about being short with him.

Ever been there? 

Just so you know, and don’t hate me (lol), I did something extra nice for my Dad to make up for it , and  I did apologize for being short.

It’s okay to be human.  But what we put out there everyday affects others so much in so many ways and we don’t even realize it.

Not everyone is perfect at hiding their emotions.  Lets face it, it can be hard sometimes.  Like I said we are only human.

I did learn from my Mom,  so much. 

One of the MANY things was this:

One of the best things you will ever do for others and yourself is to be kind when you don’t feel like it.

If I can explain how it feel for me,  it’s like this:

I feel like every time I don’t feel the best version of myself, and I make the effort to be that best version of me,  it strengthens my heart and soul,  and that best version of me becomes bigger and stronger…….

and the lesser version …..less. 

A simple act of kindness can change the course of a life.  Maybe yours.

A simple act of kindness can change the course of a life. Maybe yours.

It can be so difficult at times but…

The next time you feel frustrated or upset about something,and you’re in the position of dealing with others take that breath.  Step back from the situation for a moment.

And………..1,  2,  3 Breathe.

It can be tough to do.  But it pays off.  

Even in the middle of your bad day and how bad you’re feeling the last thing you really want to do… is ruin someone else’s day too, or make it harder for someone else to deal with whatever they might be struggling to deal with on that day.

You never know when someone is looking to you for a kind word or smile that can help them through possibly something THEY are thinking about,  that like you, has them frustrated too !.

You just never know how much you can effect others.

So whenever you can…. Make it a positive effect.!!!

Thanks for coming to the blog guys.. I always appreciate you taking time to stop by.  Hey, have you ever been in that situation? how do you handle it when you are feeling in a bad place and you have to deal with others? Did someone ever make the difference in YOUR day for the better when you needed that good word?

Leave a comment below!    I would really appreciate the feedback! 🙂



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 Dan Gheesling.

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Have a Great week Guys! 🙂

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