Being Around People …Is MORE Important…. Than You Think.

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Hi, I'm Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. Welcome to my blog!











Something the other day got me thinking..Thinking about something actually, that bothers me quite a bit …..  This is why I’m writing this post.




It’s about the importance of other people in our daily lives.


Being around other people, friends, family, and getting out is a vital part of a healthy, balanced life.

Being around other people, friends, family, and getting out is a vital part of a healthy, balanced life.











We all NEED people

When Mom passed, my Dad and I HAD…. to go to go out everyday.  We couldn’t sit there in a house, in a room that was SO full of life…..that was now….


So very silent.


So getting up and getting out of the house was something we made sure we did everyday.     We had too.

Thinking about this lately made me really realize I’ve learned a very valuable lesson about the importance of other people in our lives but I’ve learned even more about how important is to get out in the world and also, be around others on a regular basis.  I was not able to get out during the time I took care of my Mom.

Don’t get me wrong, I had my brothers and there were times, about every 6 to 8 months sometimes more,  that we would take Mom to the hospital when she needed to see a doctor….We  a nurse come to the house one or twice a week (it varied)…

but it was for all intents and purposes, living in a kind of…. bubble.

I felt I wanted to share this with you  I think there are those who may not realize and exactly understand … important it really is.   You see,  I didn’t see that change or feel that change in my life for what it really was and what it meant until Mom had passed and I started going out again…10 yrs. later.

I actually Googled “The importance of being among people”…. I wanted to research and see what others think on this subject as well.  You know what came up ?..


That’s right.  Nothing came up for this.  That doesn’t happen that often when you Google something.

I was like “what?!”

Now I was sure……. if I re -word it something would come up then……..So I did.

Still …..nothing!.   That really surprised me.



I Didn’t Realize How Important It Really Is

 You know when it rains, gets dark out and it’s just that ……really blah day?

How does it make you feel ?  I know for me, and a lot of people it can leave you feeling down, depressed….. or just blah yourself!

Well, that is what not being out and among other people can do to your spirit.  We need to be around others I feel on a daily basis as much as we can.

Hey……..  we really do.

I look back,  and I would never,  under any circumstance in this world,  change taking care of my Mom.. It was my honor to be there for her.  I had my best friend with me everyday. 🙂

That being said, I still know it might have been easier to deal with the situation, to share things with people… to have others…. more people around me… on a more..

regular basis.

At first Mom didn’t need 24/7 care and I did get out …

I had the normal average lifestyle..

Later on I would say maybe two yrs later.. it was less…. Things got just too busy and Mom needed 24/7 attention that basically,  only I could really give her.  We , didn’t want to trust her care to others that were already way over worked already (Aids),  and no one knew her as I did. and there was no way I would put Mom in a facility as long as I had breath in my body and I could take care of her at home… safely.. for her.

( Again, My Dad was always there and helped with all he could which was a lot, and I have two brothers, my brothers came and went, helped out when they could and were always there when you needed anything!. )


But I was the main caregiver…… and home….. 24/7.

















Getting Out Was A Trip  — (no pun intended) 

When I did go out I would walk into the grocery store not having being out for a while and it was ….sensory overload for me!!!!!.

It was like a loud blur for 30 minutes or so.

It was like a loud blur for 30 minutes or so.



Little kids crying, running around, and the music, SO MANY PEOPLE!!!!. 

Oh my gosh.

(I smile now to think of the “grocery store elevator music” that had me just jumpy for about 30 minutes….  Wow. )


I would walk in and have to slowly ease myself into my surroundings.


Takes time to adjust.

Takes time to adjust.

It took some time. Time to feel comfortable in those surroundings.



( I want you to understand the importance of it… and know I do as well. )

I just wouldn't want you to go through that.

I just wouldn’t want you to go through that.


I’m not a psychologist or a professional by ANY means.

But maybe, I’m better….. In a way….

I have been there and know what it can do to NOT… be around people and what It CAN DO to be around people.

It can open your world, open your life and bring you more than you ever dreamed!.

For whatever the reason may be you may not be getting out and around people right now….the fact remains …you, we,  need other people, stimulation, sights and sounds.  For your health, the health of your mind, soul.. and heart.

Open your heart ……and open world, open your life and bring you more than you ever dreamed.



The Bottom Line 


Human contact is very important.  Getting out and being around others is very important.  More than you realize.  For a million reasons you might not realize right now.

It’s not normal for people OR healthy  not to see or talk to others on a regular basis…

For those not able to get out, try chatting on your computer,  invite friends over, have a friend take YOU out, or even get out and simply get your mail!!!.  I looked forward to that MANY days ..just to get out in the air!.


I do understand 🙂


It ALL matters.  It would make all the difference in the world for me to just do that everyday.

Keep trying to be a part of the rest of the world.  You are!!!. 

Hey, the world needs you!!!…… and you need it.!!! 

Please never give up trying.  We need each other. We’re here to help each other, to be there for one another. To reach out.  Never give that up. Never give up on the best life for yourself.


Keep Reaching out.




Thank for coming by today I sure appreciate it !!!  I know everyone is So BUSY and your time is precious, when you choose to spend a few moments here it is an honor for me.   What do you think about this subject ? have you ever been in this situation ? Please leave a comment and let me know. 

I really am interested how others deal with it.





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This is Dan Gheesling.




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Have a great week everyone! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Being Around People …Is MORE Important…. Than You Think.

  1. Hey Colleen,

    I believe that being around people is very healthy. Now I’m not around a lot of people each day myself because I work from home and I’m online a LOT! But, I get to interact with people online, I speak to people on the phone almost daily and I also do Google hangouts so I see other people.

    Now it’s not like I have no contact with people at all because my Mom moved next door so I go to her place everyday for lunch and dinner and then we walk everyday too.

    I think it’s just important to be around other people but like the circumstances with you caring for your Mom didn’t warrant you getting out much. I think it just lightens the attitude and makes life more enjoyable. I think all of those things are important.

    Glad you’re getting out more now although I’m sorry it took your Mom passing to do so.


    • Awe thanks Adrienne. 🙂 That’s exactly it . Being around others. It can lighten you mood, make the day brighter to talk, laugh share the little and the big things with. I felt like I wanted and needed to say this. My brother Tommy at times has had to care for his wife who was sick on and off the past 3 years. He kind of cacooned himself away and I thought of him and so many others. I just remember what it was like finally getting out and I was hoping to get others to venture out, chat, take a walk, just talk to others and even sit in a park on a bench and watch others for a while if need be. But be a part of life. You have the idea! Don’t feel bad for me though. I got to spend all that time with my very best friend and give her something she needed. Me. It was and will always be my greatest honor. 🙂 I was lucky… The luckiest girl in the world. 🙂

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