Patience…Sometimes I Think It’s Being “Courageous”

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Hi I'm Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. Welcome to my blog, thanks for coming by!.

Hi I’m Colleen Kelly your resident blogger. Welcome to my blog, thanks for coming by!.











I was in the car yesterday,  I was in the passenger seat.  I casually looked out the window and saw this message printed on the rear view mirror …on my door.




“Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”

that made me smile….

I thought about that phrase

and life.

Sometimes things seem so out of your reach, or feel so far away from where you are and sometimes so much so that at times…. you might even come to believe……

they are Impossible. 

The problem with that thought is……

Sometimes……..we believe it.

And then let go our goal or dream.

Why? Who said it was over ?



“Being Patient”

Oh boy .


Now THIS.... is patience.

Now THIS…. is patience.







I was once told once by my boss I had at the time…

“Colleen, you have the patience of Job”     (pronounced job)


Job was a Person in the bible

He evidently, had a lot ….. of patience.

I’ve been thinking about that actually quite a bit lately.

Do you have a lot of patience?

“Patience to get where you’re going.”

Ever since I lost my Mom I feel I’ve had less patience with this topic..

I want to get where I’m going ….NOW 

Not tomorrow , next week, next month, next year..



“Be Patient” …….?!?!

Has anyone ever said that too you ?  Yea me too.  I was always good at it.

I’m still good at it… (sorta)

But now………… I hear tick…. tick ……tick….in the background …. while I’m


Ugggggghhhhh. Waiting.

I never had a problem.

Boy I do now.

When I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that message I thought to myself,

“Yea, maybe that’s true.”       What IF…. it’s all closer than we and I think.

But waiting or having that lack of patience…. to wait…

we give up.

Hey, it’s not easy sometimes by any means.  I get frustrated,  and scared just like anyone else.



“Is it coming ?”  “When ?”   What if it never comes?”  “What if I wait and work for it and it  never happens ?”

All that can go through your head.

But here’s the thing.

You will have to wait at times, you will have to fight, you will have to work for it.  it’s up to you whether you continue.

Don’t give up because you never know how close you are.

I didn't think I was as close as I really was to one of my dreams.. Turned out... it was right around the corner.

I didn’t think I was as close as I really was to one of my dreams.. Turned out… it was right around the corner.

Quick example:

How many times have you looked at something and said “I never saw that coming”,

“I never thought it would happen”      Then…. it did..

I just when through that will my brother Mike and Tom.

Something I knew in my heart would happen,  but for the past 5 years as I would say,

“Just wait it will”…

 They…………. have both looked at me and said over and over…

“Coll, how is that going to happen?!”

You can’t blame them, it’s hard..  I just have a little bit more of an open optimistic attitude for things.

Well,  it did happen and it left them standing there both of them looking at me with their mouths open. Hahaha.. (sorry)     I have to say it was fun to see that look of disbelief  and shock on their faces….that what I told them with patience and faith would happen


It took time, it took faith, and a lot  patienceand a lot of hard work

and more prayer……… than I can say.

But it did happen.

The best part , ( aside from reaching a goal of course )  is that it shows you, 

that it works.

The whole time I wanted it NOW.     But I kept on it, lived everyday working towards even though those around couldn’t see it, believe or feel it…..

I could.    I did.   

I knew.

It wasn’t exactly the way I thought it would happen,  but it did.



“The Whole Point Roundup”


The whole point it this.

Whatever it is you’re reaching for, working towards and hoping for… it can take

time…….  Patience and faith,  in you,  or possibly… a “higher being”.

For me, personally its God, for you it could be something else.

But you might need to wait.  That does not mean it won’t happen.

It means you MAY have to find  another way, or that it will take a little more time …but you keep trying and no matter if it flattens you…you get up……….

and keep trying.

With patience, hope, hard work and a little or possibly… a lot of faith…

We, you,  will reach that goal. That dream.  

The only thing that can definitely stop you

is  You.





Thanks for coming to he blog I appreciate your support and opinions! Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this or any post here at the blog!

Thank you for stopping by!. 

Have a great day guys!



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This is Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling.







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