3 Movies… Sure To Inspire!.

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Hi, I'm Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger. Welcome to the blog!. :)

Hi, I’m Colleen Kelly. Your resident blogger. Welcome to the blog!. 🙂







Movies can be amazing.!

They can bring out all kinds of emotion in us.  The can make us happy, sad, laugh, cry, scare us too!…… and in the case of Colleen and this post…

Feel….. Inspired.

A great movie can have a profound effect on us.

A great movie can have a profound effect on us.

I saw two movies over this past weekend, two I had seen before and the third, was a sequel to one I had seen a while ago..  They are different, yet the same in a lot of ways.

One thing they all share is they all made me feel re- energized in motivation and inspiration.



So I thought.

Don’t we ALL need to feel that from time to time?

So I want to share a few of my picks for movies that have inspired me and have even motivated me to fight harder.

movie #6

#1.   “We Are Marshall

(Starring Matthew Mc Conaughey, Matthew Fox, David Stratharin, Kate Mara.)

This is a movie about a College Football team from Marshall University in Ohio. Flying from a game they had just played in Greenville North Carolina  on their way back home to Huntington west Virginia , Their plane crashed.  Losing every single member on board.  The team, coaches, everyone.

Before you think you would never want to see this because it sounds beyond comprehension and like something you would not enjoy. please watch the clip.  yes this a movie about a horrible Moment in Marshall history, but what follows in the wake of that moment is one of the most inspirational, motivational and breath-taking stories of courage I have ever seen.

It gives me goosebumps,  just to watch this clip.

(I have to add this.  This movie came out 4 days after I lost my Mom.  I saw myself and everything I was going through in everyone in this movie. (I WAS one of those characters) It was a very comforting thing to have echoed back at me a lot of the same thoughts and feelings I was going through at that moment, certain ones, I will always feel. But to see this movie was a source of great comfort, and hope to me at the darkest moment of my existence. It could be for you as well.  If not, it is just a great story of courage and strength and how pulling together, we can do so much.)

This is……….We Are Marshall”

movies #1

2.  “Invincible”

(Starring Mark Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear, Elizabeth Banks)

It’s the true story about Vince Pepale.   In 1976 Vince Pepale decided to go to an open try out for the Football team The Philadelphia Eagles. It’s a  story about what can happen when you don’t give up fighting for yourself, your dreams and your hopes. This movie gives me goosebumps.  It makes you feel and reminds you that you can do anything and give so much to others through your never giving up, than you may think.

(In writing this post I found that Vince Papale has a twitter and I follow him now.  He tweets out inspirational stuff everyday that now, I look forward to seeing his tweets everyday. Give him a follow! . It’s inspiring and uplifting to read his tweets! )

Vince Papale’s Twitter page:    https://twitter.com/83Invincible 

This movie is all about persistence and determination that everyone should see!!!


This is….. “Invincible”



movies #5

(My new and possibly…. surprising pick)


#3.  “The Dark Knight Rises

(Starring Christen Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman)

I know you saying “what is she talking about, that’s about Batman!.”

Yes, it is.

But when I saw this movie which I really enjoyed,  afterwards I thought about it.  This movie is a story about strength and determination. The sequel to “The Dark Knight” this movie picks up a few years after the original left off and keeps your attention… and on you.. on the edge of your seat all the way through!.  The favourite thing about this movie though, for me, was the soundtrack. Oh my gosh. I have a few of the songs on my IPOD and I use them to workout.  They make me feel… invincible!!.

 (no pun intended )   😉

If you see it Just to hear this soundtrack, it will be worth it.

this is…. “The Dark Knight Rises”



Even though it said to be the conclusion to the Batman series…

I don’t believe that.. for a second. 🙂

(You’ll have to see it to understand.. )

movies #7

It’s A “Wrap”

Movies , like I said can be a great and amazing thing..  You can see one that makes you laugh, cry, or even make you mad.  I can even, like most of you, name a few that felt like 2 hrs of my life had just been wasted .

But then, there are movies that can lift you , inspire you, remind you of things like we aren’t always the only one out there who is going through a tough time or may need help along the way….

and those movies can be priceless.   Just like the ones that make you laugh can lift you higher and remind you of a few things that we all need to remember.

One being…everyone needs a helping hand from time to time and to never to give up on your dreams no matter who says what and how it MAY look at the time and to Always…..Always. listen to that inner voice.

All these movies do that. and More!.

I hope you decide to give them a try.  If you’ve seen them,

Pop some popcorn grab a chair and revisit them.movie #9

The feeling of inspiration and courage you’ll get from these movie picks above is priceless and worth it !

So are you !.




Thanks for coming to my blog!  I appreciate your support and time more than you know.

So, what did you think of my choices?   Let me know!   I’m anxious to hear if you have seen any of them, and if you did, what you thought, or if you plan on seeing them now!

You can leave a comment below and I will respond as ASAP!

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This is Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling.

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Have a great day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “3 Movies… Sure To Inspire!.

  1. Hey Colleen,

    You got me with Dark Knight Rises 😀 (I am a comics fan :D)

    Oh, yeah. I do agree with you about the Soundtrack. Hans Zimmer’s work – top notch. Have you heard the soundtrack of Man of Steel?

    As for inspirational movies, I have watched a few of them 😀 One of my favorites is V for Vendetta 🙂 (I don’t quite agree with the movie though. I am not going to say much – don’t want to leave any spoilers, if you haven’t watched the movie :D).

    I believe every movie can inspire (okay, may be not every movie) – at least most movies from sci-fic genre?

    I love apocalyptic films too (a part of me does enjoy the scenes where humanity is almost destroyed 😛 The fact that the earth gets a break from us makes me happy; we are already putting too much stress on this planet, and think about the number of species we have already endangered). But, apart from that, many apocalyptic films end with a group of humans rising among all the death and destruction (that should be inspiration :D).

    Anyways, I am gonna stop for now (if not, I might continue on rambling about the problems of our species – don’t wanna do that :P)

    • LOL Jeevan, I would never say you ramble! I am glad you stopped by!.
      Yea the Dark Knight Rises The music and also the movie itself i saw as such a great motivating movie.
      I totally agree with you about the stress we are putting upon our planet!. Yes! …. We take so much for granted everyday it makes me angry and sad. We have to learn to respect each other AND our planet much more than we do now.
      Movies like these can actually help in doing that I think. These made me feel more in-tune with me, my hope and desire to fight and make things better. 😀
      Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to come Jeevan. I always truly do appreciate it. I know everyone is so busy!! 🙂 Have a great day!!! 😉

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