MyStarbucks #2

Welcome!  I'm Colleen Kelly.  Your blogger! .

Welcome! I’m Colleen Kelly. Your blogger! .






I realize some of you out there actually don’t go to… or have even stepped foot inside a Starbucks.




Really ?!        I love it.


Going to a Starbuck’s is not just getting a coffee.


It’s an experience.


Starbucks #3






I know that may sound kind of silly..

But I bet…if you visit a Starbucks…….. you will “get it”.

As soon as you walk in,  you’re hit right away with the atmosphere…the lighting, the  music, the people, you smell the coffee,  you hear the conversations, see people relaxing, working on their laptops,  some are grabbing a quick bite to eat.  Most everyone looks cheerful, comfortable, relaxed and enjoying themselves while there… and you feel that.

I think that’s the quality about the place I’m talking about .  It’s this feeling of being comfortable and that you’re treating yourself to a few moments of peace, enjoyment.


Part of that process is  “ordering” that drink.


We all need to take the time to "Recharge".

We all need to take the time to “Recharge”.


The Moment Of Truth

Ordering…..a Starbuck’s coffee …

Now, I have to laugh because for me,  it was a learning process. Try and fail over and over until… finally get that order right!.

I know, it sound cooky.  But it really IS a process of trial and error until you get the hang of it.  Part of the fun of it for me was trying over and over getting closer each time to finally ordering what I wanted correctly.  I always ended up laughing at myself.

Sounds strange? how hard is it to order a coffee right ? lol

Well, if you go to Starbucks,  or for that matter anywhere LIKE Starbucks,  you know that the list of ingredients when you order, can be looooooooooooong.

For Instance:

One of my order’s would go like this:

“Hi, I would like a  Grande’ size…..  Skinny Mocha…..with sugar – free caramel….with salt on top…and extra foam.”

Now reading that here,  may not sound like much, and easy to say,  but it honestly takes time to get that order “down”…

 It’s all in fun and most everyone while waiting is looking at a newspaper or at the pastry window,  (the sandwiches, bagged goods and other pre- ready drinks available.)

So there really isn’t ever really any problem with anyone about waiting a couple mins.  They seem to be enjoying that moment too.  🙂

You can take the time waiting in line to scan over the entire drink menu in front of you, above your head,  and weigh out the flavors ..

for me, it’s all about the calories.

As much as I love Starbucks, the various coffee drinks CAN be… very high in calorie.


(They do have however, what are called “Skinny” drinks now available for us:

Here btw, is the updated menu for Starbucks so you can take a look!:  )


(It updated all the time and you can see the newest information there on all their drinks and foods..)



That Starbucks Hospitality


Now this I  think is so cool…

The Starbucks people really work at remembering who you are and remembering your order,  so when you come in , not like it’s “Cheers” and the all yell out “Colleeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!”    when I walk through the door…

( like the did for Norm the character on the 80’s hit show “Cheers”.)

As you can what I mean if you click on the link below  🙂

No, not exactly like that.. lol


Burt making a point of doing that, remembering your order and your name for you, which I think is one of the little things that make it so cool …. It  gives you a sense of being welcome and appreciated.   I thought about it. It makes me feel really good!.  For me,  Starbucks can be a timeout.



Winding It Up


You know that few minutes, that moment in your day where you take that deep breath…..let it out slow……. and feel  ………quiet..

I think it’s something we all need in each day to center ourselves and just


We all need that moment  I think , everyday, where you stop… and feel…. relaxed, calm and maybe even …. “lighter”.

A few minutes .

Where you forget the day, your  crazy schedule, and just relax… for a moment..

You need those little moments to  “recharge”  and to “reboot” ..…so to speak.

Think about what does that for you.

It can be a friend who makes you laugh or maybe watching a movie that always makes you smile….something that renews that feeling of hope.

Whatever in your life “lifts” you up, gives you hope, makes you smile,  take the time each day to experience that…. and  feel quiet.”

You know when you have,  it feels good.  It can center you again, adjust the day, your mood and like I said, makes you feel ..…lighter.

I wanted this post to be a reminder, that you should take that moment each day.. to do just that.

Feel “quiet”

To be a reminder to not forget “you”..… in the midst of your busy day.

To feel “quiet”

Yes I said it again.  just even saying it can feel good.  Don’t forget today to give yourself that moment.   We all need to reconnect and Recharge and Reboot.

Give that to yourself.

Next time I’m in Starbucks, in line, looking around,  the smell of fresh coffee wafting past me, listening to the music and deciding on what my order that day will be,

I will also……….. be wondering ……….what your day’s recharge will be!.



If you’re interested in visiting a Starbuck’s near you,  I added this link , if you click on it you can find the nearest one to you!




Thanks for coming to the blog!  I appreciate it so much when you take time out of your day to read my latest or past posts.  I truly am appreciative for all the support.  Hey don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what your “recharge” is!.  I would really like to hear it!.

I have a few favorite websites I always like to take the time to mention here and especially this one.

This is Dan Gheesling.  He is an amazing  Coach,  Author,  Entrepreneur and realitytv winner as well!. 

This is Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling.

Dan was a high-school football coach who now coaches people, helping them reach their dreams and goals.  It can be really tough sometimes to find the motivation to get to our goals and he knows that!!. Dan is a great person to motivate you and help you keep that motivation going!. 

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Sometimes we need fresh new ideas and ways to reach our goals and we may not have that motivating person in our life that can do that.

Check out the testimonials on Dan’s site from those who Dan has already helped reach their goals!   Hear them tell their stories and give their opinion of Dan as a personal Coach.   Hear how Dan helped them and maybe he can help you!.

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You can get all the information needed on Dan right here:

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You can find me at the following place too:



Thanks for coming guys!  Have a great day!.   🙂


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