The Comment I’m Always, Surprised To Hear.




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Okay this may sound odd, but I’ve been hearing it more and more lately, and finding, it’s not just me.


The first time I heard this comment, was maybe almost a year ago.  I was in a group of people,  saying “hi” to some friends, catching up, asking how they were doing, and getting to know some new people as well.

I was asking how everyone was doing,  how their day was,  you know,  the normal stuff.
After being there a while, someone made a comment to me, actually, asked me  why, 

I was being “so nice” to everyone.

I didn’t know what to say to that.  I think I just said something like I was just trying to be nice and make everyone feel comfortable and that I was, also happy, to be there and see and meet everyone.

I mean, how do you answer that?.    “Why are you being so nice?”

A friend of mine,  there with me at the time, I think felt my confusion and they said to me:

“I think Colleen, it’s that it’s unusual, because it’s just that rare, today.”

All I could come up with to reply was.... “Oh , OK…. thanks.”

But I was REALLY thinking   …..Huh?!?  

What ?, excuse me ?!   I must have had this look! .

What ?, excuse me ?!
I must have had this look! .


What Did I Miss?  

So when did this happen !?  When did it become a …… “rarity”   

I mean, I have been complimented on being “nice” before, and been lucky enough to have people refer to me as , “a good person” now and then.    Which has always been a wonderful thing to hear.  I mean, that’s so great!!.

But this comment….. surprised and confused me.


A conversation with a Friend

Like I said, I was a little taken aback by the comment.  So, I thought I would talk to a good friend about it.

She is one of the kindest and nicest people you will ever hope to meet.

When I told her what had happened,  She said ” Yes!, I know what you mean!.”

She told me she had actually been having the same thing happen to her lately too.  I was thinking, “What?, really?!”

She began to tell me how others have been commenting to her as well and asking her about why SHE,  is so nice to everyone .

We laughed at the fact we both had been experiencing this and at the same time.   We were both a little confused about why this seemed to be happening lately, though.  We talked about it and we both felt weren’t doing anything different from we’ve been doing all our lives,  really.   I mean, not doing anything really out of the ordinary.  We were just so surprised to hear this.


It Got Me Thinking

After I spoke to my friend, I started to think about what I was doing, how I treat others. What was the person, who commented, seeing and hearing?.

I didn’t think so, but maybe I was doing something different.

I thought to myself, I do all the little things.

I open the door for people,  I say “God bless you” when someone sneezes, I like to help anyone I can, with anything I can.  I say “yes Sir” ,  “No  Sir” , “Yes Ma’am,”  No Ma’am” , “please”  and  “Thank You” , No Thank You.”     I like to say “Have a great day!” to everyone,  hoping that just maybe it could make a difference,  in how they are feeling about or how they may see the rest of their day. Just the normal everyday things.

I also thought about who I am as a person.

God and my family have always been the most important things to me.  They have always been the foundation of my life.  They are wonderful blessings and something that has always given me strength, hope and always, faith.   They have helped me find,  and mold me into the person, daughter,  sister,  friend etc. that I hope,  I am today.

For this,  I am truly grateful.



That being said, after thinking it all over, I still didn’t get it. I don’t now really, because  that’s just normal stuff everyone does everyday.  I don’t feel I’m doing anything out of the ordinary,  and so many do so much more than I do , everyday.


The Wind Up

Being questioned on this has not been a bad thing at all.  It’s truly a wonderful compliment I’m thankful for!.  It got me thinking about what I do, in how I treat others in life, who I am. What others are seeing and hearing.  It also made me feel great,  and I realized maybe I’m not doing too bad, that Mom would be proud.

I think we are here to help and care for one another.  To uplift and lend a hand whenever, wherever we can.  To give of ourselves, to care and be kind to one another.   It also reminded me no matter what we do,  we can always do more.


In the end, this is NOT really about me at all, or who I am,  or what I do.  

No….not at all. 

I think it’s really just about the 2 questions it leaves you with:


Why is being maybe little nicer or kinder,  than is expected of us,  possibly becoming  a “rarity” ?    And not just, what is.


And the second question:    If so, what are we going to do about that ?.  




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