Resolutions, For… And From The Heart.



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New Year’s Resolutions….

While there will be tons of resolutions made this year,  big and small.


I thought of a few, we can all definitely handle,  without being stressed.



1.  Give A Little More —

This, no matter how much we do, we can always do more of.


Giving is one thing you will always be glad you did and never get tired of doing.  If you do, then be glad in it, it will be a “good tired”,  and if we are, I think then we’re probably on the right track!.

To give of your time, of yourself,  is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. You never know just how much what you will do will affect another person. Never think or feel it’s not worth it, or you can’t make a difference, or  “why bother, I can’t make a difference.”  That will never be true.  You can make more of a difference than you think, and when you do give,  you will always get so much more,  in return.  I believe it will always come back to you.

So, this upcoming year, we all will be blessed if we can be able to give.


Give, even more.


2.   Take More Time To Spend With Loved Ones. —

We rush around so much today.  I do it too.  We all do.  We get so busy everyday and we can tend to forget to spend time with those we love and care about or we just get so busy that there never seems to be enough time in the day.

They are each a gift, the people in out lives, and they should know and feel that.  If you appreciate someone,  always let them know.

If you love someone, always let them know.  Family and friends are one of life’s greatest blessing’s.  Where would you be without them? 

Taking time to spend with them whether it’s going to a movie, shopping or simply sitting and watching a tv show with them, is important.   It doesn’t matter what you do,  just that you “take the time” to do it.  Your family and friends are precious and “time”  moves so fast.   So for you….. and for them,  make a point in the upcoming year to….

Take that time.


5.  Be Kinder–

This one is an easy one.  We can all try to be more kind.   No matter how much we do, there always is more we could be doing.  There are so many to whom the smallest of kindness’ means so much.

You never know what you’re smile or that pat on the back can mean to someone.  A simple kindness that you give can mean the world and it costs nothing to give…

but it is worth so much.  Making an effort to be more kind, will never be time wasted. We’re, I believe, here to watch out for, and take care on one another.  So like you, I hope to in the upcoming year, try to…

Be even more kind


6.  Listen, More.–

Sometimes, all someone really needs, is to be heard.  It can be the greatest thing in the world to have that.  It can be the greatest thing in the world to give that,  as well.

Think of a time you really needed someone tohear” you.  Maybe you had something you needed advice on, or maybe there was a time when there wasn’t someone there and you really needed someone at moment.  Maybe you had something on your heart and mind that was bothering you.  Can you imagine how you would have felt,  if there was someone there at that moment?  Would have made all the difference right?

Be the listener you hope to find, and when you need someone,  I bet you won’t have to look far, the next time you do.  

So this upcoming year,  I think one of the most important giving things we can do is..


Be a better listener


7.   Take Better Care Of Yourself

If you take the time to take care of yourself, it doesn’t just benefit you, but those who love you, as well.  Your family and friends need you. You’re important too. Where would they be without you?     Really.   Hey, just ask them!.

Just as you are always making sure those you love are all happy and healthy,  you need to take the time to make your life happy and healthy too.  If you’re not happy, not feeling good,  in mind , heart or spirit,  it will spill over into everything in your life and even into all of your relationships.  If you do , and I know it can be tough to find time,  but if we do take better care of ourselves it will positively affect everyone and everything else around you.

(There is a saying I absolutely love. Reminds me of my Mom.  I bought it because of that and it sits on a table in our living room.)  



This saying goes for you too!.   So remember this.  It’s the truth.

So in the upcoming year, I hope you….


Take more care of you too.


8.  Eat Healthier 

I’m not saying you have to become a vegan or drop kick every goodie in your diet out the window.  Just make a couple small changes   Take baby steps.  Change from regular soda to diet, or drink more water.  Hey, I didn’t start out a gymgirl ya’ know.  I was into baking and loving it.

Just one day, I started to really care, more. I had always tried, so I didn’t make a big thing of it, I told everyone “just ignore it please”.   Really!  LOL!  Because whenever anyone made a big deal of it, it was the death of it.  Don’t laugh! LOL!.   My brother Mike  said the same thing.  I have no idea guys… it just is that way.  I think you get nervous (people watching you, expecting to see HUGE changes right away)  Who knows.. lol

Anyway,   I started making little changes.  Using less sugar in baking, or just making things I liked just a little healthier in other ways, or cutting back a little for instance.

It grew from there!


You don’t have to join a gym tomorrow.  But just start somewhere.  Take a baby step and soon …you’ll find yourself sprinting!   But it starts, with taking even that tiny step.

Trust me.  I know you can! .

This one I can tell you is true. After My Mom I started taking care of me for the first time in years. I started eating right, working out lost 130 lbs. and met new friends and started a new life.  Just give it a try. little by little , you’ll get there.  

So this year, just give it a try…


Eat a little healthier

(If you like, you can checkout my health blog   “A Work In Progress” –  The 7 things you will need to make a New Years resolution of getting in shape, a success!!!  )


9. Exercise More

Like I said start out small if that’s easier for you.  Start taking the stairs once in a while instead of the elevator.  Take a walk in the evening’s.   It will affect everything thing in your life in a positive way.  If you just take that first step.  No pun intended, you can accomplish anything.  This year,  give that to yourself .  A healthier you. 

So, I hope this year, you find more time to take care of someone very important.  You. And….


Exercise More often

(with any exercise, especially if you are new to it,  it is always smart to check with your doctor first. ) 




10. Smile More

Sounds maybe a little hokey?.  Nope.  Think about it.  When you see people smile or hear them laugh.  Don’t you want to , doesn’t it make you feel a little lighter yourself?, and because sometimes, that’s all you can do,  or give to someone and  it may mean everything for them that day.  You never know what a simple smile can do for someone. Lift a spirit, lift a soul.  Maybe even your own as well.  Just a simple smile.

 So this upcoming year…. I hope you join me in ….


smiling more



Wrap Up

I now whatever goals or resolutions you choose you can handle them and conquer them!. These are just a few we can all handle pretty easy and they, I believe,  are really,  some of the best decisions you can make this year.

Whatever you choose, I wish every single one of you a very Merry Christmas , I know everyone doesn’t celebrate Christmas , so,i wish for you the best of whatever holiday you do celebrate!!!  I also would like to take the time to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!.

I also want to say thank you for taking the time over the past year to come to this blog.


I am so grateful.  🙂     Thank you!!.   three-red-hearts-clipart



I would love to hear what you think of this post.   Please don’t forget to leave a comment! 🙂  I really appreciate it !Thanks!. 


comment blog



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Have A Wonderful Day!! 🙂 









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