Simple Ways We Can Give To Others 365 Days A Year.

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The holiday season is such a wonderful time. Spending time with family and friends and giving to others.   Another great thing about the holiday season, it prompts us to want to give even more.   But the reason for giving and the need for everyone’s help doesn’t begin and end with the holiday season.   Now that the holiday season is over…..

I wanted to make a list of ways that make it as EASY as possible to help.  Simple things that we all can do everyday of the year,  and even do locally!.


The Salvation Army

You will most likely have more than one local Salvation Army Center wherever you live.  I do, most likely most of us do.  Making it a lot easier for all of us to help out.  You can donate clothing, toys, food, furniture, household goods and actually so much more, or even easier for everyone, you just make a donation, right on the site.

Check the link here to find out exactly where the location to the nearest Salvation Army is to you and how the best way for you to help might be!.

Check below for all the info. you will need!




A Food Pantry

We have a local food pantry where I live and like the Salvation Army, I am sure you probably have one too.  Your local Food Pantry will collect and distribute food to those in needs in your immediate area.

You can find your local food Pantry by simply typing into Google  “Where is the local food pantry in”,   (then type in your local towns name and your state).  

You will have a few answers pop up for you.  If you call one, they can tell you were a local drop off point will be for you.  We have a few I know of, so you might have seen one around your town already that you can drop something off at.

There are guidelines though, if you haven’t done this before. (what food items are most needed and what they would rather you bring (non perishable items)

Just give a call, ask and you should have no problems!.


Volunteer In Your Community

This probably comes to mind when you first think about serving others and it’s a classic example of course.  There are many ways to do this through programs, organizations, clubs, groups, community associations and any other activities in your community.  There are often websites as well as directories for connecting volunteers and making the best placement for you.  Do some checking for them around your community and Google, again, is a great tool for information.

A lot of the time you don’t even have to look far to be of help to others.

Elderly neighbors, family or people you know whenever you can.   You could offer to walk their dogs, bring them meals/baked goods, run errands, pick up extra groceries, take their trash cans/bins to the curb and back, check up on them, bring in their mail or their newspaper.

Just doing these everyday things we see as little, easy and simple, could mean so much to those who might have a difficult time doing them.. by themselves.




Finally, just give more of yourself.  You might not think you can accomplish very much.  The fact is each one of us give so much everyday to just those in our everyday lives.  A smile, a hug, just to have someone, listen.

If you doubt it, think about those you love, your friends and family.  Right now, just think what they give you, everyday.  See.  I have a feeling you, to them, are thought of with the same appreciation, respect and love.

So never doubt how much even the tiniest thing, you do for someone will make a difference.   Each day is another chance to give of yourself.  Give everything you can, to as many as you can.  As much a you can.

You will get back so much more than you ever thought possible.




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I know motivation for any project or idea we may have, not just a health oriented one, can be a really tough thing to find and to keep. Sometimes someone else can help!.


This is Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling.

This is Dan Gheesling.





He is an amazing Coach, Writer, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and realitytv winner, as well!.


Dan was a high-school football coach who now coaches people, helping them reach their dreams and goals. It can be really tough sometimes to find that motivation, to reach our goals, and he knows that.

Dan is such a great motivating force. He truly knows how to motivate, and most importantly, how to help you keep that motivation going!.

Sometimes we need fresh new ideas and ways to reach our goals, another voice, another opinion.


You can check out the testimonials on Dan’s site from those who Dan has already helped reach their goals! Hear them tell their stories and give their opinion, of Dan as a personal Coach. Hear their personal stories on how Dan helped them reach their goals and how he can help you as well.

Dan’s latest book is about Leadership.

“Clean Your Own Mirror” (which he bases his lectures on). You can see this book… and all of Dan’s books on his website!. Read and get all the information about the presentations that Dan gives to Colleges and Universities all about how to put the lessons in his latest book, on how to be a better leader, to work in your life. You can also SEE him at work, in videos right on his website!. Watching Dan give his presentations, you can see and feel the energy Dan brings to his work, and hear why, wherever Dan gives a presentation, everyone speaks so highly of him.

(Links to reach Dan Gheesling are below)

You can get all the information needed on Dan right here:

or you can tweet him at:

You can find me, at the following places !

My other blog as well!!

Click this link to see my other blog as well!    “A Work in Progress”



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