Hi my name is Colleen Kelly :)

Hi my name is Colleen Kelly 🙂



Something about  the blog and……me.

First the blog. 

This blog will be about ..the “Reach For More.” 

I don’t mean more “things”.

To me,  that means trying to be the best “me” I can be.. 

 Emotionally, intellectually, and physically.  So I’ll be blogging about things in my everyday life I’m learning from day-to-day.

This is a new blog so be patient with me.   I’m going to be learning, adding to, and changing it up as we go.   I really like the idea of that!.  

Hey…. we’re all changing constantly, even if we don’t like change.  I’ve learned  a blog is no different. 

  Stay with me, and be a part of it!. 

Oh yea,  btw, this is my “other” blog.  I also have another blog called  “A Work In Progress” Which I would love to have you check out as well!.


Now …..A few things about yours truly…..

My name is Colleen, Yep, that’s me in the photo above. 

I live in Morris County NJ and I have two brothers Tom and Mike, my Dad Tom.  My Mom,  was and always will be my best friend,  is with me , always.

I love Starbucks, I eat very healthy and love working out, running etc. I love movies, Facebook is okay, I love Twitter, btw,  you can follow me on my Twitter page and on my Facebook page .  I would love to see you there!.

I’m honest, and will be, here on my posts. 

I think we’re all supposed to “Reach For More” every single day.  Like I said, I don’t mean more money and more things.  I think working hard and doing your best to reach a certain place in your life is great and as long as you don’t forget who you are and what the important things are, more power to you!

I do however think there is something we are meant to reach for everyday that can and does get pushed aside when we get busy in life.  

Us.  I mean a better you and me.  .

I’m learning.  We ALL are.  Hopefully, all the time.  So, I will be blogging about Everything. Anything that I feel is might be interesting and helpful to you,  and me!.

Welcome to “Reach For More” !

Thanks for coming and don’t forget…. to leave a comment!  Thanks!

click here to check out my other blog “A Work In Progress.”

Thanks for being here!  I appreciate it!

Thanks for being here! I appreciate it!


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