Best Website Picks

This page is where I will have the list for all the choices for  “Website of the month”

Just in case you have missed any, don’t worry you will find them all here !  I may repeat them from time to time if I feel something is going on you should check out on the website really cool that particular month so be sure to check them out on the right side of the front page!.

(Sites are listed and numbered as the appeared on the blog)





YouTube is a fantastic website for so much.  Videos on everything!.  Funny, educational, music. etc.   So much you can do on YouTube!.  Upload your own videos, and then, make it really your own with YouTube Editor.

YouTube is the place to go for finding “how to’s” for anything you can imagine as well.  I know most of you have already been there a million times I’m sure.  It definitely deserves to be on the “Best” list! .  Go YouTube today! .


#4. Blog pic for twitch  Twitch is a great place to find fun.  If you like playing games and if you like playing video games this is the site for you.  You can stream video games yourself have your friends and others watch you OR watch others stream and just sit back , relax and have fun.

Dan Gheesling

Dan Gheesling

3.   –Okay this website is a favorite of mine…one reason being,  it helps others.

This website is a great resource for helping others reach their dream of being on reality television.  It’s not your average dream but that’s one reason it’s so special!.  They’re aren’t that many resources out there for that goal…and not by an expert!.

Dan Gheesling’s website is the best place for the best tips, articles, podcasts, interviews etc.   Dan really cares about helping people.. and it shows.  His website, offers so many avenues of guidance and help for those, with the same dream he had.   Dan has books, and even a “boot camp”.. to help you learn the best ways to get on realitytv.  He gives step by step advice and as I mentioned, podcasts to address every and any questions you may have, and if you have more questions you can contact him via the website and he will do his best to answer them as quickly as possible! But he will always answer you!. Check it out!.



This site is a great one!.  This company is run by Kelly Gheesling.

She started Michigan Scents and is expanding all the time to include great new product ideas and always great new scents to keep you coming back for more!.  If you need a gift idea..

This IS the place to go.  You know those great sites, you buy a gift for a friend but what you bought is so great you end up wanting to keep it for yourself ?

Yep, that’s this site!.  😉

(and coming soon the first made in the USA Electric petal Warmer!!!.)

#1.   –    A Personal Development/motivational Blog

This site is my favorite site hands down.  Inspiring, motivational, fun, and very smart.  It has a blog, Dan’s story, you can also hire him to coach you as well!   Dan is the reason I blog. He inspired me to try.  He inspires me, everyday.

 Dan Gheesling.

Dan Gheesling.


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